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What is Advanced Negotiation?

While many negotiations are conducted in good faith, some, like crisis negotiations or high-stakes deals, require advanced negotiation techniques.

Any negotiator faced with high-tension conflicts in business or diplomatic negotiations would be well-advised to have a set of advanced negotiation tactics to rely upon.

Using active-listening techniques, maintaining an open-minded approach, and building rapport to influence one’s counterpart are just a few of the advanced negotiation tactics that can help in crisis. While negotiations are never uniform or universal, the relationship building and communication skills advocated by integrative bargainers do apply in nearly every negotiation scenario you can imagine.

That seems simple enough, but even with classes and training, the process of cementing better behavioral patterns requires vigilance and hard work. Don’t assume that advanced negotiation techniques will naturally become part of your repertoire.

Spend time reviewing what you learned. Think about which advanced negotiation techniques you would like to apply to your next negotiations and actively practice what you want to absorb, both at work and at home. Consider trying out new strategies with friends, family, or a trusted colleague. Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Lawrence Susskind also recommends finding a mentor experienced in negotiation who can help you brainstorm solutions to dilemmas and role-play bargaining situations.

In fact, role-playing is an excellent way to learn and test out advanced negotiation techniques. These simulations puts participants in hypothetical situations and challenges them to deliberate and make decisions in new and different ways. Role-play simulations foster both individual and collective learning that can be transferred to “real world” situations. They also provide safe and flexible settings for experimentation.

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