Mediation Programs

The goal of mediation is for a neutral third party to help disputants come to consensus on their own. Rather than imposing a solution, a professional mediator works with the conflicting sides to explore the underlying interests beneath their positions. The Program on Negotiation offers a number of mediation programs that will provide you with core mediation skills.


In this popular program, you will acquire the practical skills and techniques for facilitating negotiations between disputing parties. From family and employment matters to public policy and business disagreements, you will discover effective ways to settle differences and mediate disputes across a variety of contexts. … LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS PROGRAM


This highly-interactive, online course is designed to raise your awareness of your own approach to conflict, introduce a range of theories about mediation and participatory processes, and improve your conflict management skills. While we will discuss a wide range of dispute resolution processes that involve third parties, we will focus on mediation. … LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS PROGRAM