PONx One-Day Online Programs & Bonus Day In-Person Courses

PON offers a variety of one-day programs. PON Expert (PONx) one-day programs and bonus one-day programs are designed to help you build expertise in a specific area. PONx one-day programs are taught online only; PON bonus programs follow the three-day Negotiation and Leadership program. Both are taught by world-class faculty from Harvard Law School, Harvard Business School, and the Harvard Kennedy School, and help you explore and provide next-level strategies for overcoming major negotiation problems, including managing emotions, negotiating international deals, dealing with difficult people and the art of saying no.


The below listings are online PON Expert (PONx) one-day online programs designed to help you build expertise in a specific area.

Overcoming Resistance: The Influence Equation

Expert One-Day Program: February 23, 2023

Faculty: Stevenson Carlebach


Through breakout sessions, exercises, role plays, and other hands-on experiences, Carlebach will explain what to do when you encounter resistance. This session will introduce you to the Influence Equation—a simple, high-impact framework that can help you identify and overcome three major factors that fuel resistance in any given negotiation. … Learn More About This Program 

Negotiating When Parties have Diverse, Deeply Held Convictions

Expert One-Day Program: May 23, 2023

Faculty: Julia A. Minson


To help you address conflict-fueled scenarios, this program shares real-life techniques for negotiating with parties with opposing views and strategies for building a culture of respect and acceptance. You will explore your own conflict management strengths and challenges and learn how they can be reshaped for greater effectiveness. … Learn More About This Program 

Sidetracked: Understanding the Psychological Barriers that Derail Negotiations

Expert One-Day Program: June 6, 2023

Faculty: Francesca Gino


Join Harvard Business School professor Francesca Gino as she shares her research findings into what causes us to become sidetracked in negotiations—and provides a proven framework for effective decision-making. … Learn More About This Program 


The below listings are bonus day courses that follow the three-day Negotiation and Leadership program.

Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most

Bonus Day: December 8, 2022

Faculty: Sheila Heen, Douglas Stone


Bonus day for December Negotiation and Leadership program.
Gain the strategies, tools, and frameworks you need to manage difficult conversations effectively in this program led by negotiation experts Sheila Heen and Douglas Stone. … Learn More About This Program 

3D Negotiation: Powerful New Tools to Turbocharge Your Effectiveness

Bonus Day: April 6, 2023

Faculty: James K. Sebenius


Bonus day for April Negotiation and Leadership program.
In this fascinating one-day session, you will examine the three dimensions of effective negotiation and will emerge with a versatile roadmap for achieving the hallmarks of a successful deal: creating maximum value, claiming a full share of that value, and doing so for the long term. … Learn More About This Program 

Negotiating the Impossible

Bonus Day: May 18, 2023

Faculty: Deepak Malhotra


Bonus day for May Negotiation and Leadership program.
In this one-day program, based on his acclaimed book, Negotiating the Impossible: How to Break Deadlocks and Resolve Ugly Conflicts (Without Money or Muscle), Malhotra identifies principles for breaking impasses and resolving conflicts when things seem impossible, and provides scores of actionable lessons from behind-the-scenes stories of fascinating … Learn More About This Program 

Unlocking Value in Complex Business Deals

Bonus Day: June 23, 2023

Faculty: Guhan Subramanian


Bonus day for June Negotiation and Leadership program.
In this focused one-day session, Guhan Subramanian shows you how to successfully navigate complex deals, including negotiauctions, by bringing together auction and negotiation strategies in a meaningful way. … Learn More About This Program