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The Teaching Negotiation Resource Center is responsible for developing and disseminating a wide range of role-play simulations and other interactive teaching exercises as well as books, educational videos, curricular packages, and scholarly working papers. The Teaching Negotiation Resource Center has been the go-to resource for educators, scholars and practitioners working in the field of negotiation for over 25 years. … Read More 

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Advice for Peace: Ending Civil War in Colombia

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and his Peace Advisory Team discuss the Colombian peace process negotiations with the FARC guerrillas, explain what happened behind closed doors … Read More About This Product

Power Asymmetry and the Principal Agent Problem

This brief video simulation provides insights into the challenges surrounding principal agent dynamics and power asymmetry in negotiation. … Read More About This Product

Great Negotiator 2022: Christiana Figueres

Video featuring former UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres discussing her role in building support for and passing the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. … Read More About This Product

Brief Course Outlines and Recommended Teaching Materials

To better assist instructors in their selection of the right teaching materials, PON Vice Chair of Pedagogy Professor Lawrence Susskind and the Teaching Negotiation Resource Center (TNRC) have compiled eleven “Brief Course Outlines” on a variety of subjects within the field of negotiation, all of which include a collection of recommended simulations and books. While all teaching materials must be purchased separately, the Brief Course Outlines can be used to develop courses which include all or only a selection of the recommended materials. The TNRC is glad to answer any questions you might have about the short course outlines or any teaching materials. Please contact the TNRC at TNRC@law.harvard.edu.

Introductory Negotiation Skills

Many colleges and universities around the world offer multiple courses on negotiation. It doesn’t matter whether these are offered in professional fields or in social science or humanities disciplines, the basics of negotiation cover a half dozen key concepts and methods. … Read More About This Product

Intermediate Negotiation Skills

Assuming learners have mastered the material in an introductory negotiation course, the next step is to introduce a second level of concepts and methods. One has to do with culture and cross-cultural negotiation. A second has to do with gender. … Read More About This Product

Advanced Negotiation Skills

Once learners have completed the Introductory and Intermediate courses, they are ready to move to the Advanced Level. Again, everything covered in the first two courses needs to be carried forward, but now new institutional dimensions have been added. … Read More About This Product

Entrepreneurial Negotiation

The five simulations included in this version of a short course cover multiple realms in which entrepreneurship (including social entrepreneurship) can occur. … Read More About This Product

Environmental Dispute Resolution

All effort to regulate environmental quality at the federal, state and local level involve negotiations among regulators, regulatees and interested stakeholders. These usually occur in the context of government administrative efforts, but they sometimes spill over into a litigation context. … Read More About This Product

Health Care Negotiation

Health care negotiations cover interactions within health care-providing institutions and between those institutions and government regulators. They also extend to health policy decisions. … Read More About This Product

Internal Company Negotiations, Human Resources, and Reworking Existing External Contracts

This short course focuses on a range of internal and external negotiation problems that highlight concerns about trust, relationship building, and modifying agreements or contracts that are already in place. … Read More About This Product

International Relations and Treaty Negotiation

Disputes within and disputes among countries require applied negotiation and dispute resolution skills, not just negotiation analysis capabilities. … Read More About This Product

Legal Negotiation and Mediation

Many legal cases filed are settled before a judge or a jury can render a judgment. In all these contexts, lawyers have to negotiate with other lawyers (and often with their clients present) with an eye toward what is likely to happen if the case actually proceeds to court. … Read More About This Product

Urban Development Conflicts

City planning and public administration have changed dramatically over the past decades. Instead of offering a master plan that proffers a future image of the city, city managers are much more focused on solving everyday problems. … Read More About This Product

Water Resource Management

Conflicts between bordering states, conflicts among countries that are river basin riparian, conflicts between states or regions within a single country, and conflicts over the use of coastal resources all require complex negotiation skills. … Read More About This Product

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