Salary Negotiations

One of the most common negotiation scenarios many bargainers will face during one’s career is that of negotiating for a higher salary or better compensation. These articles from the Program on Negotiation focus on the effective negotiation tactics employed by negotiators who advocate on behalf of themselves or others to secure higher salaries or more competitive employment benefits.

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Negotiating a Salary When Compensation Is Public

Katie Shonk   •  04/22/2024   •  Filed in Salary Negotiations

Great Negotiators

Faced with the prospect of negotiating a salary with a new employer, job candidates often feel anxious, confused, and tentative. Historically, organizations have tended to keep information about salaries for open positions opaque, assuming they benefit when prospective employees are in the dark about how much they might earn. But new laws and broader marketplace … Read Negotiating a Salary When Compensation Is Public

How to Negotiate a Higher Salary after a Job Offer

Katie Shonk   •  04/16/2024   •  Filed in Salary Negotiations

negotiate higher salary

If you’re wondering how to negotiate a higher salary after a job offer, congratulations: You’re aiming higher than many job candidates ever do. It’s common for prospective employees to accept whatever offer the would-be employer puts forth without negotiating for more. Unless the employer explicitly stipulates that their offers are nonnegotiable, that’s typically a mistake. … Learn More About This Program

How to Negotiate Salary: 3 Winning Strategies

Katie Shonk   •  01/04/2024   •  Filed in Salary Negotiations

How to Negotiate Salary

The question of how to negotiate salary seems to preoccupy negotiators more than any other—and with good reason, considering how dramatically even a small salary increase can impact our lifetime earnings. The following three salary bargaining tips from leading negotiation experts will help you gain more from your new-job negotiations. … Read How to Negotiate Salary: 3 Winning Strategies

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