Negotiation Programs

The Program on Negotiation offers a number of courses taught by leading Harvard faculty and experts in the field of negotiation. The offerings range from one-day sessions to semester-length courses. Participants come from around the world from both the profit and non-profit sectors, as well as from a variety of industries, including business, government, law, and education.


Test your beliefs and assumptions, overcome emotional and rational biases, examine complex negotiation scenarios, and discover a range of competitive and cooperative negotiation strategies. In this acclaimed program, we compress 30 years of groundbreaking research into six thought-provoking sessions. In sessions taught by our expert faculty, you’ll broaden your understanding of negotiating concepts, acquire proven negotiating techniques, and have the opportunity to put your learning into practice. … LEARN MORE 


The Program on Negotiation is offering a master-level course for experienced negotiators. The program is taught by five negotiation experts from Harvard Law School, Harvard Business School, and the Harvard Kennedy School. If you are selected to participate, you will take part in dynamic exercises with two-way feedback and participate in intensive simulations. … LEARN MORE 


This virtual and highly interactive semester-length seminar explores the ways that people negotiate to create value and resolve disputes. Designed to improve understanding of negotiation theory and build negotiation skills, the curriculum integrates negotiation research from several academic fields with experiential learning exercises. … LEARN MORE