International Business Negotiation Case Studies

Top 10 International Business Negotiation Case Studies

| | International Negotiation

International business negotiation case studies offer insights to business negotiators who face challenges in cross-cultural business negotiation. … Read This Post

negotiation techniques

Negotiation Techniques: The First Offer Dilemma in Negotiations

| | Dealmaking

The first offer dilemma in negotiations – should you make the first offer? Few questions related to negotiation techniques and negotiation strategies have yielded more academic attention … Read This Post

negotiation biases

Counteracting Negotiation Biases Like Race and Gender in the Workplace

| | Leadership Skills

To learn more about negotiation biases, let’s look back to July of 2018 when the principal flutist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO), Elizabeth Rowe, became the … Read This Post

dealing with an irrational home seller

Negotiation Examples in Real Life: Buying a Home

| | Business Negotiations

While many of our articles discuss negotiation theory and the latest research, sometimes it helps to discuss negotiation examples in real life when offering negotiation tips and … Read Negotiation Examples in Real Life: Buying a Home

negotiating with liars

Negotiating with Liars: Bluffing versus Puffing

| | Negotiation Skills

How many times have you sat at the bargaining table, and wondered, “am I negotiating with liars?” And to your own self be true—how many times have … Read Negotiating with Liars: Bluffing versus Puffing

Lessons from TV Negotiations

Michael Scott, Negotiation Genius? Lessons from TV Negotiations


Business negotiators can get useful advice from a variety of sources, from books to blogs to training and classes—and even, as it turns out, from TV shows. … Read This Post

dispute system design

Asynchronous Learning: Negotiation Exercises to Keep Students Engaged Outside the Classroom

| | Teaching Negotiation

Asynchronous role-play simulations teach valuable negotiation skills outside of a typical class format.
Asynchronous learning is a term used to describe education, instruction, or learning that does not … Read This Post

Hard Bargaining in Negotiation

| | International Negotiation

Hard bargaining in negotiation is often touted as the best way to get what you want when all else fails. But as recent news stories illustrate, hard … Read Hard Bargaining in Negotiation


Cross Cultural Negotiations in International Business: Four Negotiation Tips for Bargaining in China

| | International Negotiation

What special insights do outsiders need to prepare for international negotiations in China? Much of what you know already about negotiation holds true, but four characteristics complicate … Read This Post

integrative bargaining

Expanding the Pie: Integrative versus Distributive Bargaining Negotiation Strategies

| | Negotiation Skills

Imagine that you’re buying a used car from its original owner. Of course, you want to get the best deal you can for your money, while your … Read This Post

how to deal with difficult customers

How to Deal with Difficult Customers

| | Dealing with Difficult People

To hear some salespeople and service representatives tell it, difficult behavior from customers is at an all-time high. Stories of demanding customers proliferate in the press and … Read How to Deal with Difficult Customers

renegotiate salary

Renegotiate Salary to Your Advantage

| | Salary Negotiations

As we prepare to renegotiate salary, most of us intend to ask for as much as we can without antagonizing our employer. But we sometimes undervalue our … Read Renegotiate Salary to Your Advantage