guitar playing

Persuasion in Negotiation: How Tracy Chapman Was Convinced to Play at the 2024 Grammys

| | Negotiation Skills

Tracy Chapman’s surprise performance of her 1988 hit song “Fast Car” alongside country star Luke Combs electrified the 2024 Grammy Awards. Combs’ cover had introduced the award-winning … Read This Post

gender gap in negotiation

Women and Negotiation: Narrowing the Gender Gap in Negotiation

| | Business Negotiations

Men tend to achieve better economic results in negotiation than women, negotiation research studies have found overall. Such gender differences are generally small, but evidence from the … Read This Post

salary expectations intrapersonal conflict resolution

Interpersonal Conflict Resolution: Beyond Conflict Avoidance

| | Conflict Resolution

To hear some tell it, we are experiencing an epidemic of conflict avoidance, finding new ways to walk away from conflict rather than engaging in interpersonal conflict … Read This Post

cultural barriers

Dealing with Cultural Barriers in Business Negotiations

| | Business Negotiations

If you negotiate regularly on the job, you probably have engaged in multiple business negotiations with counterparts from other cultures. Negotiating across cultural barriers can significantly expand … Read This Post

dispute resolution

Choose the Right Dispute Resolution Process

| | Dispute Resolution

What is dispute resolution? There are three basic types of dispute resolution, each with its pros and cons. The first two, mediation and arbitration, are considered types … Read Choose the Right Dispute Resolution Process

sales negotiation

4 Sales Negotiation Traps—and How to Overcome Them

| | Business Negotiations

Whether you’re planning to put your home up for sale, trying to unload excess merchandise, or searching for new clients, there’s a good chance you’ll make your … Read This Post

deal structuring

Creative Deal Structuring: Negotiating Conditions

| | Leadership Skills

Creative deal structuring can transform an unappealing offer into one you’re happy to accept. Here’s how to negotiate deal conditions that will help get you more of … Read Creative Deal Structuring: Negotiating Conditions

non-compete agreement

Negotiating a Non-Compete Agreement with Employers

| | Conflict Resolution

In integrative negotiation, each side seeks to create and claim value with an eye towards the future of the negotiating relationship. One way of securing this relationship … Read This Post

med arb

What is Med-Arb?

| | Mediation

When parties find themselves involved in a serious conflict, they often try to avoid the expense and hassle of litigation by turning to one of the two … Read What is Med-Arb?

case study of conflict management

A Case Study of Conflict Management and Negotiation

| | Conflict Resolution

In this case study of conflict management, the Program on Negotiation offers advice drawn from negotiation research about forming negotiating teams and avoiding conflicts within teams and … Read This Post

M&A Negotiation Strategy: Missed Opportunities in Musk’s Twitter Deal

| | Business Negotiations

Would Elon Musk buy Twitter or wouldn’t he? In mid-2022, that was the $44 billion dollar question at the heart of a legal battle between the Tesla … Read This Post

conflict resolution

Using Conflict Resolution Skills: Trying to Forgive and Move Forward

| | Conflict Resolution

In business negotiations, when a counterpart apologizes for harming or offending you, should you forgive and move forward? What if doing so seems impossible? … Read This Post