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AI Mediation: Using AI to Help Mediate Disputes

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AI mediation is on the rise, with chatbots increasingly assisting human mediators in resolving disputes. Here’s what AI mediation is capable of—and where it falls short. … Read AI Mediation: Using AI to Help Mediate Disputes

international negotiation

International Arbitration: What it is and How it Works

| | International Negotiation

Disputes—whether between individuals, companies, or governments—become all the more complicated when they cross national borders. It’s no surprise, then, that a variety of forms of international arbitration, … Read This Post

mediation training

Mediation Training: What Can You Expect?

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Organizations have long recognized the value of hiring professional mediators to help resolve disputes. More and more, managers have begun to also see value in securing mediation … Read Mediation Training: What Can You Expect?

diplomatic negotiations

Diplomatic Negotiations: The Surprising Benefits of Conflict and Teamwork at the Negotiation Table

| | International Negotiation

Let’s take a look back at the 2008 US presidential election and the win-win coalition forged between Barack Obama and his then-rival, Hillary Clinton. As this example … Read This Post

Negotiating with Difficult Personalities

Negotiating with Difficult Personalities and “Dark” Personality Traits

| | Dealing with Difficult People

Have you ever found yourself negotiating with difficult personalities, or negotiating with someone who seemed entirely ruthless and lacking in empathy? From time to time, we may … Read This Post

win-win negotiation

For NFL Players, a Win-Win Negotiation Contract Only in Retrospect?

| | Win-Win Negotiations

How did the NFL Players association and team owners come to an eventual win-win negotiated agreement? In this article we explore the strategies each side used to … Read This Post

Great Negotiator

Learn from the Best with the Great Negotiator Case Studies

| | Teaching Negotiation

No one can provide perspective on conflict resolution like experts who have been involved in some of the world’s most complex negotiations. Since 2001, the Program on Negotiation … Read This Post

types of mediation

Types of Mediation: Choose the Type Best Suited to Your Conflict

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When parties involved in a serious conflict want to avoid a court battle, there are types of mediation can be an effective alternative. In mediation, a trained … Read This Post


What is Anchoring in Negotiation?

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What exactly is anchoring in negotiation, and how does it play out at the bargaining table? Consider this anchoring bias example from Harvard Business School and Harvard … Read What is Anchoring in Negotiation?


10 Negotiation Failures

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Here’s a list of 10 negotiation failures drawn from recent negotiations in the news—including deals that were over before they started and those that proved disastrous after … Read 10 Negotiation Failures

Crisis communication examples

Crisis Communication Examples: What’s So Funny?

| | Crisis Negotiations

What’s the best way to respond to a public relations crisis? As recent crisis communication examples show, some organizations and individuals opt for humor, hoping some levity … Read Crisis Communication Examples: What’s So Funny?

a win. win situation

To Achieve a Win-Win Situation, First Negotiate with Yourself

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In business negotiations, our actions and reactions often go against creating a win-win situation. Self-examination can help, writes Getting to Yes author William Ury in his book, … Read This Post