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Dear Negotiation Coach: Responding (Or Not) to an Ultimatum in Negotiation

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ultimatum in negotiation

Many times in our lives, we will encounter an ultimatum in negotiation. Sometimes the ultimatum is real, and often times it is not. However, there are ways to approach an ultimatum in negotiation to get past this sometimes burdensome hurdle. We spoke with Professor Deepak Malhotra to answer a question about ultimatums.

Q: A counterpart recently … Read This Post 

Understanding Different Negotiation Styles

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negotiation styles

In the business world, some negotiators always seem to get what they want, while others more often tend to come up short. What might make some people better negotiators than others? The answer may be in part that people bring different negotiation styles and strategies to the bargaining table, based on their different personalities, experiences, … Read Understanding Different Negotiation Styles 

Check Out the New All-In-One Curriculum Packages!

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Introducing a new way to go in-depth when teaching the most important negotiation concepts and to measure learning outcomes.
If you are new to teaching negotiation or are looking to go in-depth on teaching key concepts, the All-In-One Curriculum Package will provide you with everything you need. The Teaching Negotiation Resource Center has created All-In-One Curriculum … Read Check Out the New All-In-One Curriculum Packages! 

Directive Leadership: When It Does—and Doesn’t—Work

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Dealing with Difficult Employees directive leadership

These days, directive leadership tends to be out of fashion, with many experts promoting a more egalitarian management style. Yet directive leadership has its time and place, according to research dating back decades.
Path-Goal Theory and Directive Leadership
The concept of directive leadership is rooted in an influential 1971 Administrative Science Quarterly article by Robert House, “A … Read This Post 

How to Overcome Cultural Barriers in Negotiation

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overcome cultural barriers in negotiation

Imagine that you’re the American representative of a U.S. food company, and you’re hoping to procure a new ingredient for several of your products from a German company. A representative from the company is flying in to meet with you. Do you expect your German counterpart to behave differently than the Americans you typically deal … Read How to Overcome Cultural Barriers in Negotiation