Cross Cultural Negotiations in International Business: Four Negotiation Tips for Bargaining in China

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Dishonest Negotiators

Trust and Honesty in Negotiations: Dealing with Dishonest Negotiators

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Negotiating opportunities sometimes come from challenging sources: a family member who has been unreliable in the past but promises to make a change; a business competitor that … Read This Post

dispute resolution

Top 10 Dispute Resolution Skills

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Too often, dispute resolution can be an acrimonious and unproductive process. The following 10 negotiation and conflict resolution strategies can help you find creative ways to reach … Read Top 10 Dispute Resolution Skills

win win bargaining

Win-Win Bargaining: Private Negotiation, Public Auction, or Both?

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Win-win bargaining requires us to choose the right dealmaking process. News stories involving Amazon and Apple highlight the pros and cons of private negotiations, public auctions, and … Read This Post

negotiating with zoom

Negotiating Change During the Covid-19 Pandemic

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Many actions that could help alleviate the Covid-19 pandemic require us to change our behavior on a personal level, such as staying home from work and wearing … Read Negotiating Change During the Covid-19 Pandemic


Negotiations, Gender, and Status at the Bargaining Table

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When it comes to different characteristics of negotiation styles, a growing body of research suggests that status consciousness varies depending on the gender of interested parties. … Read This Post

Colombia Peace Advisory Team

Advice for Peace: Ending Civil War in Colombia

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Check out this freely available video of Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and his Peace Advisory Team as they discuss lessons learned from the Colombian peace process … Read Advice for Peace: Ending Civil War in Colombia

taylor swift batna

Taylor Swift: Negotiation Mastermind?


What should you do when a negotiation is crumbling? Some people redouble their efforts—conducting more research, holding longer meetings, and scraping together more financing. Others look around … Read Taylor Swift: Negotiation Mastermind?

4 Negotiation Tips for Managing Conflict at the Bargaining Table

How to Deal with Threats: 4 Negotiation Tips for Managing Conflict at the Bargaining Table

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integrative bargaining

Expanding the Pie: Integrative versus Distributive Bargaining Negotiation Strategies

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Imagine that you’re buying a used car from its original owner. Of course, you want to get the best deal you can for your money, while your … Read This Post

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Interpersonal Conflict Resolution: Beyond Conflict Avoidance

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To hear some tell it, we are experiencing an epidemic of conflict avoidance, finding new ways to walk away from conflict rather than engaging in interpersonal conflict … Read This Post

multiparty negotiation

Managing a Multiparty Negotiation

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