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How to Negotiate Online

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International negotiators are often faced with the problem of how to overcome cultural barriers to communication. When you communicate in person, social norms – including body language, manners, and physical appearance – guide your behavior and ease the process. Here are some tips on how to negotiate online and building a rapport with your counterpart … Read More 

Need Some Negotiating Help? In the future, ask your phone

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Today, many people use “virtual assistants,” such as the iPhone’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa, to perform simple tasks and provide answers to straightforward questions. So-called chatbots, or bots, grease the wheels of everyday life by giving directions, looking up arcane facts, providing customer service, and much more. The best bots can also carry out lengthy conversations … Read More 

Negotiation research you can use: To curb dishonesty in negotiation, confront “paranoid pessimism”

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Business negotiators often worry about being deceived, and understandably so. The potential for being lied to or swindled can be high in negotiation, given that our counterparts typically have access to information about preferences, alternatives, product quality, and so on, that we lack. Yet research shows that negotiators often behave honestly even when doing so costs them money. Interestingly, … Read More 

Ask A Negotiation Expert: The Promise of Web-Based Negotiation

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In this new monthly feature, we ask experts from the Program on Negotiation to share their latest ideas and insights on negotiation. This month, Harvard Business School professor Max H. Bazerman describes how web-based negotiations could increase efficiency and trust in many realms. Negotiation Briefings: In-person negotiations can offer advantages over electronic negotiations—for example, in terms … Read More 

Back up your offer with a strong rationale

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Imagine that you are a café owner who is soliciting quotes for a redesign of your space. One of the interior designers you’ve been talking to is known for being affordable, if not innovative. But the designer’s initial estimate, $20,000, is well over your $16,000 budget for the project and, you believe, excessive. As you … Read More 

In Negotiation, Display Anger with Caution

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Virtually all of us experience feelings of anger from time to time during our negotiations. Past research findings reassured business negotiators that their displays of anger could benefit them by conveying toughness and motivating their counterparts to make concessions. But a new research study by professors Hajo Adam of Rice University and Jeanne M. Brett … Read More 

The insincere negotiator: The risks of emotional displays

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Anger can carry an advantage in negotiation, past research has shown. When we display anger, our counterparts tend to view us as powerful and intimidating. Consequently, they make more concessions than they would ordinarily and lower their demands. On the flip side, negotiators who appear happy tend to do worse than others. Happiness and contentedness appear … Read More 

Training for Non-Face-to-Face Negotiations

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Negotiating by email poses a set of challenges that one doesn’t often encounter in face-to-face negotiations. Without the benefit of seeing your counterpart’s body language, what one person might intend to be a straightforward request the other might perceive to be rude. A legitimate delay responding to an email offer by one party might be construed … Read More 

Former Clearinghouse Customers Speak!

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In an effort to understand more about how the former PON Clearinghouse does and doesn’t meet its customers’ needs, we interviewed a number of long-time Clearinghouse clients. We asked what teaching materials they found most valuable and for what reasons. We also asked how they found out about the former Clearinghouse and what additional teaching and … Read More