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Gender can play a complex role in workplace dynamics, and so teaching students about how to approach these issues is critical. The Casino simulation, available from the Teaching Negotiation Resource Center (TNRC), has been widely used to teach participants about the role gender can play in the workplace. Now there is a new, updated version which incorporates more modern technological contexts and new teaching notes.

Casino Two – Featured Role Play Simulation

In this updated version of Casino, Casino Two illustrates how important the role of gender can be in decision making and negotiations.

Jamie and Allison are both employees at Digital Development, a male-dominated Silicon Valley start-up that makes profitable phone apps. Jamie is the vice president for Programming and recently promoted Allison, moving her from the kids and family app team to the gaming team. Jamie feels that Allison has not been performing well in her new position. Allison, however, is insulted by some recent unfriendly treatment from her colleagues and also believes that she is paid less than her male counterparts. The two are meeting to discuss her performance and then negotiate next steps.

This two hour simulation is non-scoreable. Major lessons of the simulation include:

  • Identifying how gender plays a role in treatment in the workplace.
  • Identifying how the interpretation of gender can affect work assignments.
  • Those parties willing to consider the perceptions and interests of the other party as relevant can usually engage effectively in mutually beneficial joint problem solving.
  • The skills involved in separating the people from the problem are especially important in this negotiation as emotions between formerly friendly people may run high.
  • If the participants choose to try to resolve workplace environment difficulties, they must face the difficulties of ordering the behavior of those around them.

The Casino Two simulation, as compared to the original Casino, features updated technological references and a new teaching note. Preview a Casino Two Teacher’s Package to learn more.


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