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The Program on Negotiation Teaching Negotiation Resource Center (TNRC) offers four periodicals, each tailored to bring the latest in negotiation-related news, analysis and technique to different audiences.


Negotiation Journal is a quarterly publication aimed at a wide and eclectic audience of practitioners and scholars interested in dispute resolution, from labor negotiators to government officials. The primary mission of the Journal is to encourage the search for and development of improved techniques for dealing with differences through the give-and-take of negotiation.


Negotiation Briefings: Helping You Build Successful Agreements and Partnerships is a monthly newsletter for business leaders, equipping them with the skills to become better negotiators and stay one step ahead of the competition in a rapidly changing business environment. Negotiation covers a broad range of situations from getting deals done, solving problems, preserving relationships and managing interpersonal and inter-organizational conflicts.


Harvard Negotiation Law Review is an annual publication providing a scholarly forum for lawyers and legal scholars to systematically analyze and discuss the important role negotiation plays in resolving legal disputes. The Review fills an important gap between the prevalence of negotiation in the legal system today and the relative lack of coverage in the academic and professional literature.


The Teaching Negotiation e-newsletter is a free weekly email newsletter focused on improving teaching and learning about negotiation. The content discuss practical techniques for conveying lessons, covering topics like the use of video in teaching negotiation; different styles of teaching negotiation; and training vs. more traditional college teaching. Each issue profiles teaching materials, including those available through the Teaching Negotiation Resource Center.

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Pedagogy at the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School (Pedagogy @ PON) is a venture dedicated to improving teaching and learning about negotiation.