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New Simulation on Cyber Defense of Critical Urban Infrastructure

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Save Fairport: Planning for Social Cyber Defense of Critical Urban Infrastructure Cybersecurity for critical urban infrastructure is a major public safety issue for cities. Cyber-attacks can cause major physical damage, as well as sow chaos and undermine public faith in government. Cyber criminals constantly develop new types of malware, which may not be detectable by current … Read More 

Negotiating In Extra Innings

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Major League Baseball (MLB) games are known for their leisurely pacing. The past few years, offseason negotiations between teams and free agents have proceeded at a similarly glacial rate, to the consternation of players. Changing power dynamics between players and teams have contributed to the situation, which has left players eager to revise their collective … Read More 

How to Manage Conflict at Work

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A 62-year-old salesman believes he has convincing evidence that his boss passed him over for a promotion because of his age. What options does he have? He could let the matter drop and perhaps look for another job. He could file an employment-discrimination lawsuit. Or, if his company offers mediation services, he could have the … Read More