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negotiation cases

What are Negotiation Cases? 

Negotiation cases and case studies give us the opportunity to learn from real-life negotiations with some of the top talents in the field.

Negotiation cases can introduce students to new negotiation and dispute resolution tools, techniques, and strategies. They require participants to face tough decisions based on imperfect information and uncertain circumstances-exactly as is the case in reality. And there’s no shortage of real-life examples to learn from. 

For example, we can look at international negotiation cases such as the Iran Nuclear Deal. When the United States and five other world powers announced an interim agreement to temporarily freeze Iran’s nuclear program, the six-month accord, which eventually led to a full-scale agreement in 2015, was designed to give international negotiators time to negotiate a more comprehensive pact that would remove the threat of Iran producing nuclear weapons. 

In other negotiation cases, we see examples of ways to boost your bargaining power at times when your position seems hopelessly weak. Wyoming farmers learned how to gain leverage and improve their results by banding together in a coalition with other relatively weak parties. As a member of a coalition, they could harness the resources needed to negotiate land leasing rights with wind developers as a group, and divide the profits.

Royalties from a wind project could potentially generate hundreds of thousands of dollars annually for a rancher—a gold mine for those who are struggling to stay afloat. 

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