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Negotiation Pedagogy Video Series: Michael Wheeler
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The Program on Negotiation is pleased to announce the release of the first video in a new series for negotiation educators, entitled “PON Negotiation Pedagogy Video Series, Part One: Professor Michael Wheeler, Harvard Business School.” Unscripted and unrehearsed, the video shows Professor Wheeler teaching an actual Harvard Business School negotiation class in April 2003, interspersed with excerpts from an after-class interview with Professor Wheeler about his teaching approach.

This video may be used in a number of ways, including:

  • As a self-study tool for negotiation educators, students, or practitioners regarding the negotiation lessons that Professor Wheeler elicits from his class;
  • As a self-study tool for educators regarding negotiation pedagogy, including techniques for using and debriefing role simulations, techniques for guiding and facilitating student discussion, and techniques for integrating video into negotiation courses; or
  • As a demonstrative tool for negotiation pedagogy workshops, “train-the-trainer” sessions, or other group learning settings designed to help negotiation educators improve their teaching skills.


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