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abraham path initiative

What is the Abraham Path Initiative?

The Abraham Path Initiative is an international non-governmental organization (NGO) that has worked to develop walking trails across the Middle East.

The Abraham Path Initiative aims to create hiking trails in the Middle East to encourage cultural tourism and to bring people together in “more walk, less talk”. William Ury, Chair of the Abraham Path Initiative and Senior Fellow with the Harvard Negotiation Project, envisions the trail, which follows the footsteps of Abraham/Ibrahim through the Middle East, as a way to “change the narrative about the Middle East from terrorism to tourism.” 

The Abraham Path Initiative is a non-profit, non-denominational, and non-political organization that aims to be a catalyst for socioeconomic development, collaboration, story-telling, and sustainable tourism in the Middle East. By inviting people from across the globe to walk together in the cradle of civilization, the Initiative hopes to encourage cross-cultural dialogue through the sharing of knowledge, cultures, and traditions.

However, the planning required significant negotiations with four local partner organizations, each of which had their own interests at stake in the final design for the walk. 

One result of these negotiations is an international negotiation simulation, the Abraham Path: A Thousand Miles on Foot. This simulation is a six-party, five-hour, multi-issue, non-scorable negotiation between the Abraham Path Initiative (API) and local counterpart organizations in the Middle East over an attempt to agree on a public 1,000 mile cross-border trail through the region. 

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