Final Offer with Guhan Subramanian

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The award-winning documentary Final Offer is the latest work to be featured in the Program on Negotiation’s dispute resolution film series. Final Offer, a film about heated labor negotiations between Canadian Auto Workers and General Motors, provides a unique inside look at the high-pressure world of labor negotiations, where coalitional dynamics are intense and consequential, and issues of brinksmanship, behind the table negotiations, and sequencing are particularly relevant.

The film was introduced by Robert Mnookin, Chairman of the PON Steering Committee, and Guhan Subramanian, Assistant Professor at Harvard Law School, who will be leading the 2003 winter Negotiation Workshop. After the screening, Subramanian led a discussion with the audience on issues raised by the film.

In addition to Final Offer, The Program on Negotiation Film Series has featured such diverse titles as Remember the Titans and Mediators of the Pacific.

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