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How Creating “Communities of Learning” and “Common Cultures” Fosters Collaboration: The e-Parliament, the Israeli Settlements Project, and the Mexican Negotiation Skills Training Workshop

by Susan Hackley, PON Managing Director, Nancy J. Waters, Negotiation Journal Managing Editor, and Sarah Woodside, PON SIG Coordinator

In International Negotiation 11: 37–64, 2006

This article examines three innovative efforts by the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School to promote conflict resolution on an international scale: the e-Parliament, the Israeli Settlements Project, and the Negotiation Skills Training Program in Mexico. These projects achieve successful collaboration and coordination among the many actors involved by creating “communities of learning” and “common cultures.” The article analyzes the critical components of successful collaboration and coordination in multi-party situations.

Click here to download the full article (pdf, 163KB).

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