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What is Negotiation Skills Training?

When looking for negotiation skills training for yourself or for your team, be aware that the best negotiation courses encourage both collaboration and competition.

In the best negotiation skills training courses, executives and other trainees are taught not only how to effectively manage the negotiations they face, but also how to uncover new negotiation opportunities they may otherwise have missed.

Unfortunately, after engaging in a couple of days of training, employees return to the office and attempt to apply what they learned, only to find that their new knowledge often fails to “stick.” They quickly abandon the best practices they learned during negotiation skills training and replace them with ineffective old habits. Why?

There are several practices that can prevent negotiation skills training from passing on lifelong skills:

  1. Well-delivered lectures by compelling speakers can be a fascinating means of learning new knowledge and being entertained, but lectures alone are an inadequate means of helping people improve their negotiation skills.
  2. Organizations often encourage their negotiators to focus on narrow, concrete measures, such as purchase price, when judging whether a negotiation was successful. In the process, they teach their negotiators to overlook other important factors, such as relationship building, long-term risks, and the amount of time and resources devoted to a negotiation.
  3. Many people fail to recognize the importance of methodical review and practice of new skills after engaging in negotiation skills training.

So how can managers and their organizations increase the odds that negotiation skills training will lead to beneficial long-term results?

  1. The best negotiation training courses should be a joint effort between the trainers and the organization, considering the specific challenges facing your organization.
  2. Negotiation simulations, which allow participants to role-play real-world negotiation situations, are a key component of effective negotiation skills training.
  3. Negotiators’ new and improved strategies won’t solidify into good habits if they aren’t given lots of opportunities to practice their new skills on the job.

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