Teaching Negotiation

Teaching negotiation includes instructional areas such as deal setup and design, dispute resolution systems, arbitration, mediation, and meeting facilitation as well as the use of interactive role-play exercises, books, videos, training materials and role-play simulations designed around a specific negotiation skill or concept. The Program on Negotiation’s educational resource center, known as the Teaching Negotiation Resource Center (TNRC), develops a wide-range of role-play simulations –including the popular Sally Soprano negotiation case study — interactive teaching exercises, books, videos, and scholarly papers devoted to the application of teaching negotiation and training effective negotiators.

Materials in the TNRC cover negotiation-related issues in areas ranging from climate change to ethics. Many of the themes are substantive (e.g., environmental negotiations or business negotiations), some target specific sectors (e.g., health care industry), or address particular contexts (e.g., cross-cultural negotiation skills) while others are more process oriented (e.g., facilitation).

The most popular simulation topics include:

Real Estate
Public Policy
Teaching in Law
Water Management Simulations

In addition, once a year, the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School selects an outstanding individual who embodies what it means to be a truly great negotiator. To earn the Great Negotiator Award, the honoree must be a distinguished leader whose lifelong accomplishments in the field of dispute resolution and negotiation have had compelling and lasting results.

To help students and professionals learn valuable lessons from these highly skilled negotiators, PON’s Great Negotiator Case Study Series features in-depth studies such as Stuart Eizenstat: Negotiating the Final Accounts of World War II and Lakhdar Brahimi: Negotiating a New Government for Afghanistan.

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Teaching Mediation: Exercises to Help Students Acquire Mediation Skills

Lara SanPietro   •  09/12/2022   •  Filed in Teaching Negotiation

Mediation Hire a Mediator

Often, disputing parties are unable achieve satisfactory or sustainable outcomes on their own through direct negotiation, and require the assistance of a mediator or facilitator. Mediators can help parties involved in a dispute through examining the issues at hand, uncovering the parties’ underlying interests, and identifying creative solutions. To act as mediator requires a great … Learn More About This Program 

Teaching Contract Negotiation: Using the Mutual Gains Approach

Lara SanPietro   •  09/05/2022   •  Filed in Teaching Negotiation

anchoring effect

How do you use the mutual gains approach in contract negotiations?
In contract negotiations, parties can often resort to positional bargaining instead of using the mutual gains approach. Teaching students to generate creative options in contract negotiations can help them avoid positional bargaining and achieve more beneficial and sustainable agreements. The Teaching Negotiation Resource Center (TNRC) … Learn More About This Program 

Labor Relations: Negotiating Collective Bargaining Agreements

Lara SanPietro   •  08/30/2022   •  Filed in Teaching Negotiation

Contract bargaining in labor relations is one of the most complex areas of negotiation and dispute resolution. There are rarely clear cut or mutually agreed upon notions of what a fair salary and benefits package would be, so employers and workers, either individually or collectively, often find themselves at odds. Furthermore, contract bargaining in a … Learn More About This Program 

Three-Party Coalition All-In-One Curriculum Package Now Available!

Lara SanPietro   •  08/22/2022   •  Filed in Teaching Negotiation


Introducing a new way to go in-depth on the fundamental negotiation concepts and measure learning outcomes. 
If you are new to teaching negotiation or are looking to go in-depth on the fundamental negotiation concepts, the Three-Party Coalition All-In-One Curriculum Package will provide you with everything you need to teach negotiation.

Three-Party Coalition, one of the Teaching Negotiation Resource Center’s most popular … Learn More About This Program 

Ask A Negotiation Expert: Rebel Negotiation with Professor Francesca Gino

PON Staff   •  08/16/2022   •  Filed in Teaching Negotiation

Francesca Gino

In her book, Rebel Talent: Why It Pays to Break the Rules at Work and in Life (Dey Street Books, 2018), Francesca Gino, the Tandon Family Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, argues that a healthy dose of rebellion can deepen our engagement and help us meet our most important goals. We asked … Learn More About This Program 

We Want Your Feedback!

Lara SanPietro   •  08/15/2022   •  Filed in Teaching Negotiation

Your opinion really matters. Please take a moment to complete our short survey.
Dear TNRC Community,

We want to be sure that the Teaching Negotiation Resource Center (TNRC) at the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School is meeting your needs.

We regularly develop new role play simulations, case studies and teaching videos, as well as host pedagogy-focused … Read We Want Your Feedback! 

Parker-Gibson All-In-One Curriculum Package is Now Available!

Lara SanPietro   •  08/11/2022   •  Filed in Teaching Negotiation

Negotiation examples

New to Teaching Negotiation? 
If you are new to teaching negotiation or are looking to go in-depth on the fundamental negotiation concepts, the Parker-Gibson All-In-One Curriculum Package will provide you with everything you need to teach negotiation.

Parker-Gibson, one of the Teaching Negotiation Resource Center’s most popular simulations, is a two-party, single-issue, distributive negotiation between two neighbors regarding the potential sale … Learn More About This Program 

Harborco All-In-One Curriculum Package Now Available!

Lara SanPietro   •  07/28/2022   •  Filed in Teaching Negotiation


Introducing a new way to go in-depth when teaching the most important negotiation concepts and to measure learning outcomes.
If you are new to teaching negotiation or are looking to go in-depth in teaching key concepts about multiparty negotiation, the Harborco All-In-One Curriculum Package will provide you with everything you need.

Harborco, one of the Teaching Negotiation … Learn More About This Program 

Negotiation Research: To Curb Deceptive Tactics in Negotiation, Confront “Paranoid Pessimism”

PON Staff   •  07/21/2022   •  Filed in Teaching Negotiation

deceptive tactics in negotiation

Business negotiators often worry about deceptive tactics in negotiation, and understandably so. The potential for being lied to or swindled can be high in negotiation, given that our counterparts typically have access to information about preferences, alternatives, product quality, and so on, that we lack. Yet research shows that negotiators often behave honestly even when … Learn More About This Program 

The Collective Leadership Approach to Negotiating Climate Action

Lara SanPietro   •  07/07/2022   •  Filed in Teaching Negotiation

Christiana Figueres

Former UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres received the Program on Negotiation’s 2022 Great Negotiator Award.
On April 14, 2022, the Program on Negotiation (PON) presented its Great Negotiator Award to Christiana Figueres, formerly the Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and one of the architects of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. … Learn More About This Program 

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