Salary Negotiations

One of the most common negotiation scenarios many bargainers will face during one’s career is that of negotiating for a higher salary or better compensation. These articles focus on the effective negotiation tactics employed by negotiators who advocate on behalf of themselves or others to secure higher salaries or more competitive employment benefits.

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Negotiation Interrupted

PON Staff   •  10/07/2015   •  Filed in Salary Negotiations

From time to time, our negotiations are interrupted by an unexpected development from outside the talks, such as the death of a loved one, a serious injury or illness, or a bankruptcy. At times, a pause may be all that’s needed before talks can get back on track; in other instances, the change may have … Read More 

Negotiate for what you need to succeed

PON Staff   •  03/05/2015   •  Filed in Salary Negotiations

You may be adept at negotiating for your organization, but are you passing up career opportunities back at the office?
One of the more interesting tidbits to emerge from the December 2014 leaks of hacked Sony Pictures data was an e-mail revealing a young actress’s efforts to be paid on the same level as her male … Read More 

When a little power is a dangerous thing

PON Staff   •  01/14/2015   •  Filed in Salary Negotiations

In 1975, Leigh Steinberg launched his career as a sports agent with what appeared to be a tough negotiation. The Atlanta Falcons had chosen Steinberg’s client, rookie quarterback Steve Bartkowski, as their first pick in the first round of the National Football League (NFL) draft. The Falcons had other choices they could turn to if … Read More 

A winning pitch?

PON Staff   •  04/15/2014   •  Filed in Salary Negotiations

Under the terms of the Major League Baseball (MLB) 2011 collective bargaining agreement, the New York Yankees, known for their deep pockets, faced incentives to break with tradition and keep their 2014 payroll under the league’s luxury tax threshold of $189 million.

Thanks to its habitual sky-high spending, the team faced a 50% league tax on … Read More 

“So, How much do you make?”

PON Staff   •  09/15/2013   •  Filed in Salary Negotiations

Have you ever revealed how much you earn to a coworker? Your answer to that question may depend on your age.

Comparing salaries has long been a social taboo in the United States, but members of the Millennial generation—people born in the 1980s and 1990s— are changing that, according to Kevin Hallock, director of Cornell University’s … Read More 

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