Insight Collaborative

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Insight Collaborative

47 Winter Street, 8th Floor
Boston, MA 02108 – 4774
Tel: (617)948-0006 or 1-800-440-1070
Fax: (617)249-0725

Insight Collaborative is dedicated to resolving conflict and improving relationships around the world. Through conflict management education and dispute resolution services, we maximize the ability of individuals and organizations to promote peace, operate efficiently, and to effect positive change. As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, we provide services and partnership opportunities to individuals, governments, intergovernmental organizations, nonprofits, educational institutions, foundations, and other underserved populations.

Insight Fellowship Program: Developed to foster a community of global-minded individuals prepared to contribute more effectively to their local, national, and international communities, the Program awards one-year Fellowships to exceptional individuals to:

Study and promote effective conflict management
Make international humanitarian contributions
Pursue self-reflection and personal development

The Fellowship includes a $25,000 expense allowance to support multiple placements totaling one year, typically in 3-4 month blocks. (Each Fellow is required to repay the amount of the $25,000 allowance used through individual fund raising efforts, regenerating the funds to ensure support for the next Fellow. This “pay forward” approach instills the values of sustainability and non-profit entrepreneurship.) The first three months take place at the Boston offices of the Insight Collaborative, where Fellows advance their understanding of the theory and practice of effective negotiation, communication, and mediation. The remaining nine months of the Fellowship are divided into foreign placements proposed by the Fellow.

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