Professor Robert Mnookin Discusses Apple and the Beatles in the NY Times

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PON Chair Robert Mnookin was interviewed by the NYTimes Dealbook about the recent deal made allowing iTunes to sell music by the Beatles.

“Professor Mnookin noted that he often tells his students, ‘Before you go into any negotiation, any party should ask, what are my interests, what do I care about, and what are my alternatives if I don’t make this deal?’

“It is not immediately obvious that the Beatles-iTunes agreement had to happen now. Apple owns 90 percent of the online music market, but its exclusion of the Beatles was something of an embarrassment. It was, however, an embarrassment the company had already borne lightly for years.

“On the other side, the Beatles are one of the very few bands that has managed to ignore much of the online music revolution and draw huge profits from CD sales.” Click here to read the full article.

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