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By following these steps in your next negotiation, you’ll improve the chances of meeting everyone’s interests.

1. Finding More Value at the Bargaining Table

Before you sit down at the bargaining table, imagine a wide-range of options and packages, including some that may seem far-fetched

2. Why First Impressions Matter

When talks begin remember that getting down to business too quickly can stand in the way of building trust.

3. Squeeze That Orange

Emphasize to your counterpart the importance of separating “inventing” from “deciding,” as Fisher, Ury, and Patton suggest in Getting to Yes.

4. Bringing Outsiders to the Negotiating Table

Don’t worry about adding complexity. Bringing in new issues, options, and parties to the negotiation is likely to create value.

5. The Power of Deadlines

Avoid artificial deadlines, though it can be helpful to decide when it’s time to concentrate on the packages you’ve identified.

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