Negotiation Essentials Online (NEO) Spring 2024 Program Guide

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NEORegardless of your industry, organization, or title, if you are a goal-focused and ambitious individual who is moving up the career ladder and taking on new responsibilities, Negotiation Essentials (NEO) is just the program to get you started.

Negotiation is a discipline, with its own concepts and skills to be practiced and mastered. At the Program on Negotiation, we like to say that great negotiators are not born, they’re made. Although negotiation skills are critical, both professionally and personally, they are not often taught in school or on the job.

Designed for maximum impact, this online program will feature:

  • Interactive Zoom sessions led by a PON instructor
  • Engaging and educational prerecorded videos, featuring seven world-class PON faculty members from across Harvard, MIT, and Tufts
  • Case studies based on real-world experience
  • Opportunities to negotiate and engage in discussion with your fellow participants from all over the world, both over Zoom and email

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