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A diverse collection of tangible practices used to manage conflicts. Conflict management practices are varied and should be tailored to the individual conflict(s) in question.

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Richard Holbrooke Receives the 2004 Great Negotiator Award

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Richard Holbrooke Receives the 2004 Great Negotiator Award
by Sally Abrahms, Harvard Law School News Office

Richard Holbrooke was the premier architect of the 1995 peace agreement that ended the war in Bosnia and a skillful negotiator credited with resolving the bitter dispute over dues owed in arrears by the United States to the United Nations. Last

Richard Holbrooke Receives the Great Negotiator Award

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Discussion I:
Negotiating an End to the Balkans Crisis
Richard Holbrooke
Antonia Handler Chayes
James Sebenius
Michael Watkins

Faculty Discussion II:
Resolving the United Nations Dues Dispute
Richard Holbrooke
Hannah Riley Bowles
Robert Orr
James Sebenius

Great Negotiator Award Presentation
Richard Holbrooke
Lawrence Summers
Robert Mnookin
James Sebenius

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Download Background Materials for our Discussion with Richard Holbrooke:

“Richard Holbrooke: Negotiating U.S. Dues to the United Nations (A)”

“Richard Holbrooke: Negotiating U.S.