Negotiation Training Empowers Young Women Leaders from Around the Globe

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How do you resolve a conflict with a family member, when you have a misunderstanding?  Can you learn to see their perspective?  Can you articulate your mutual interests?  Can you overcome your differences and work together toward a common goal? These were some of the questions discussed by a group of 80 young women leaders who attended a recent negotiation training led by PON’s Managing Director, Susan Hackley.

The training was offered as part of the annual Empower Peace Women2Women (W2W) International Leadership Conference, which brings together promising young women, aged 15 – 19, from the Arab and Muslim world and the United States.  Through a series of workshops, keynote speeches and cultural outings, W2W participants acquire skills and insight on how to become future leaders.  Susan Hackley has been leading negotiation workshops as part of the W2W program since 2005, when the program began.

This year’s attendees came from all around the world, including countries as diverse as Iraq, Libya, Chad and Spain.  Offering a mix of lecture, discussion and role play, the two-hour workshop helped attendees understand their strengths as negotiators, and develop multiple tools for resolving conflict at home, school, the workplace, and the wider community.

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