“Advice for the Advisor” by Jeswald W. Salacuse

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Jeswald Salacuse

Jeswald W. Salacuse, (professor, Tufts University), explores the five principles behind offering beneficial advice. Salacuse’s five essential rules (listed below) are drawn from his book, The Wise Advisor.

  • Know your advisee. Clients are not interchangable. Don’t generalize with your advice; instead, try to understand the particular needs and perspectives of your clients.
  • Help, or at least do no harm. When your advisee is facing a big decision, propose specific helpful actions.
  • Agree on your role. The precise nature of your relationship with an advisee should be the product of negotiation. Whether you’re acting as a director or a partner, know your role in
    giving advice.
  • Never give a solo performance. To give advice effectively, you must be active in your role as an advisor and make sure your advice is understood.
  • Be clear and constructive. Make sure your advisee knows and understands the advice you have given them.

In this “Negotiating Life” column in Tufts Magazine, Salacuse counsels us on how to give advice using these five principles when fulfilling a leadership role, whether it be through talking to your boss or to your kids.

Read the article here.

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