The Abraham Path Named National Geographic Traveller’s Best New Walking Trail

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National Geographic Traveller’s Ben Lerwill recently compiled a list of the best new walking trails from around the world, and the Program on Negotiation’s Abraham Path took the number 1 spot on his list of 10.

The Abraham Path is a long-distance walking trail that follows the path of the patriarch Abraham from Sanliurfa in southeastern Turkey through the countries of Syria, Jordan, Palestine and Israel.

Founded by Program on Negotiation co-founder William Ury, the Abraham Path is the result of complex long-term negotiations with various nations and groups along the route in order to establish a safe, continuous path for hikers. The project’s success may have an impact in helping foster regional economic development, engagement, and peace-building efforts. The Program on Negotiation is the intellectual and academic home of the Abraham Path.

The Abraham Path was designed to foster interaction between hikers, who come from all around the globe, as well as give the hikers a new perspective on the region. Currently the path is based on the ‘cultural memory’ of Abraham and, “loosely traces the on-foot journey he made some 4,000 years ago.”

Ben Lerwill describes a landscape that “conceals its gifts” and offers hikers the chance to “shape their own perspective.” Indeed, it is “this sense of immersion that makes the Abraham Path so extraordinary,” and merits its selection as one of the best hiking trails in the world.

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