Making the Most Out of Negotiation Training

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A passive approach to learning rarely leads to future negotiation success. To maximize your training experience, follow these guidelines:

Embrace Hands-On Learning

  • Throw yourself into the simulation experience. As long as your superiors have guaranteed that your training performance can’t be used against you at work, you have nothing to lose.

Focus on the Big Picture

  • Don’t worry too much about the hypothetical details of a particular simulation. Instead, stay attuned to larger lessons.

Experiment with New Strategies and Techniques

  • Playing it safe won’t get you very far. Sometimes the best way to “win” is to go beyond your comfort zone. 

Learn from Other Trainees

  • After a simulation, seek out other trainees for a small-group conversations. Find out what they did or didn’t do, and discover how others reacted to these strategies. Class debriefings led by your instructor will teach larger lessons, but smaller discussions are invaluable.

Practice What You’ve Learned

  • Simulations will take you only so far. But by gradually introducing a new approach into your everyday practice, you will enhance your negotiation skills.

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  • James D.

    Every body wants to be successful and for that a true guideline is must. Above you discuss very basic point that can help one to leads his or her future to success. Good one…!!


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