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Imagine you’re celebrating a special occasion with friends at an upscale restaurant. Soon after you take your seats, the wine director introduces himself and hands you a list of high-end bottles of wine. You notice that the prices—all in the $200–$600 range—have been slashed through with a red pen.

“The prices of the wines on our reserve list are negotiable tonight,” the wine director says. “Would you care to make an offer on a bottle?”

Believe it or not, a fine-dining restaurant in New York City, David Burke Townhouse, was encouraging customers to negotiate for bottles of wine in May.

The story illustrates a larger trend: businesses that never would have negotiated with customers last year are now willing, even eager, to make a deal. The prices of furniture, electronics, wine, jewelry, and other “medium-ticket” goods are now frequently up for discussion. Are you passing up prime opportunities to get a better deal because you’re afraid of offending the seller or because you feel inexperienced or uncomfortable?

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