Managing Emotions Throughout the Mediation Process

Event Date: Tuesday April 20, 2010
Time: 5:15-7:30pm
Location: Room TBA

The Program on Negotiation and
The Harvard Mediation Program Present:

Managing emotions can be one of the most challenging aspects of mediation. This training will teach attendees how to handle these difficult situations. The training will focus on three essential skills every mediator should have in their toolkit:

Five Core Concerns
o Participants are introduced to the Five Core Concerns framework as a tool to manage emotions (both their own and others’) in conflict resolution. Participants will practice using the Five Core Concerns as both a lens to better understand the role of emotions in conflict and as a lever to produce positive emotions to help resolve conflict.

Positions to Interests
o Conflicts often become intractable as parties entrench themselves in their positions. Participants will learn tools to help move parties from positions – which are often steeped in emotional concerns – to the underlying interests.

Interests to Options
o Once parties’ underlying interests have been brought to the fore, mediators work with parties to develop options to meet those interests. Participants will learn skills in this module to cultivate option development and to continue managing emotions effectively.

This event is open to all Boston Area students.

Please RSVP to Sarah Whitman
by Thursday, April 15th, 2010


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