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Harvard Negotiators (“HN”) is an HLS student organization that seeks to provide law students with opportunities to become actively involved in the field of negotiation and dispute resolution while working with clients in the “real” world.

Using the core concepts developed by faculty and researchers at the Program on Negotiation, Harvard Negotiators works on teams to design systems for dealing with internal disputes, conduct conflict assessments of complex real-life situations, or provide advice for upcoming negotiations. All interested HLS students are invited to join regardless of experience level.

Through Harvard Negotiators, you can participate in a number of ongoing projects in the Boston area and around the world. Harvard Negotiators will have the opportunity to:

  • Help real clients overcome challenges in negotiation and dispute resolution
  • Conduct research on negotiation theory at Harvard
  • Train outside organizations in negotiation skills
  • Participate in negotiation competitions and simulations

The Negotiators work closely with Professor Bordone’s Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program. The clinical program is the for-credit option for students interested in working with clients in the fields of negotiation, dispute resolution, and conflict management.

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