Mediation in the Workplace

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Mediation in the Workplace (MMG 758)


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Workplace mediation supplements or replaces institutional conflict resolution processes in order to increase job satisfaction, boost productivity, reduce employee turnover and decrease the chance of legal action. The course is designed to give the students the theory and skills necessary to begin to practice mediation within their professional life. The course covers theory and models of mediation; stages of the mediation process; skill development and ethical considerations. The methodology is lecture, discussion, video and mediation simulations and role-plays. The texts for the course are The Mediation Process by Christopher Moore and The Promise of Mediation by Bush and Folger. Other readings will be provided by the instructor. There is the opportunity for students to apply the theory learned and practice the skills developed through mediating an actual case or through a written paper on a current real-life conflict between two other parties. There is no prerequisite; however, it is strongly recommended that students complete MMG746 prior to taking this course. (Tentative: within seven week summer term.)

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