Managing Diversity

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Managing Diversity

Not currently offered
Judith Clair
Organizational Studies Department
Fulton 433

This course explores the topic of multicultural diversity and differences in organizations. The course will provide students with opportunities to expand their knowledge about diversity within the context of organizations. It will also provide them with opportunities to learn about how to create positive change within organizations and in their own lives related to multicultural issues. Learning about multicultural diversity and differences arises most profoundly from both traditional forms of classroom activities, such as reading, lectures, and case analyses, as well as from personal reflection, in-depth discussion, and exposure to new ideas. We will draw from a variety of learning approaches throughout the semester.

While the course seeks to provide new opportunities for learning and reflection, it does not seek to change students’ opinions toward one “right” way of seeing and believing about diversity and difference issues. Rather, the goal is to provide them with information and opportunities for personal reflection so that they may arrive at a better informed and enriched understanding of what it means to “manage” multicultural diversity and difference in their own lives and in their organizations. The course also provides some insight into how change can be created in organizations and communities. (Class Schedule TBA.)

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