International Center for Conciliation

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International Center for Conciliation (ICfC)

P.O. Box 15001,
Boston, MA 02215

Contact: Cathi Stewart, ICfC Office Manager

The International Center for Conciliation (ICfC) aspires to create lasting peace in conflicted communities worldwide. Most conflict resolution efforts attempt to set the past aside. However, the past is never over; historical grievance is ever available to stir up conflict even when present interests in cooperation are strong. ICfC encourages conflicted parties to examine root causes of historical grievances and humiliation with honesty, patience, and empathy. Dialogues create a safe space for people from conflicted groups to share their fears, needs, and hopes while maintaining focus on concrete community development goals. ICfC trains local community leaders and professionals in a unique narrative approach to their shared histories. This helps them build social cohesion within their communities by addressing history, memory, and identity in their work.

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