Alternative Dispute Resolution

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Alternative Dispute Resolution JD 881 (A1)


FALL 2014
Monday and Wednesday 11:00am-12:25pm
Professor Reich

Spring 2015
Tuesday and Thursday 2:30-4:00pm
Professor Bamford

One of a lawyer’s primary tasks is to resolve disputes. Most controversies are never decided by a court but instead are settled by agreement. The ability to negotiate and mediate effectively is therefore crucial for litigators as well as lawyers practicing in other contexts. This course focuses on the processes of negotiation and mediation, and to a lesser degree on arbitration and dispute resolution design. It uses a mixture of discussion, short lectures, role-playing and video to give students an introduction to the theory and practice of alternative dispute resolution, including how to use these processes effectively on behalf of clients. NOTE: This course satisfies the upper-class professional skills requirement.

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