2010 HNLR Symposium: The Negotiation Within

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The Harvard Negotiation Law Review invites you to its 2010 symposium:

The Negotiation Within on February 27, 2010.

About the symposium:

“Most people think of negotiation as something that occurs between two or more parties with conflicting goals. Negotiation is not, however, always between different parties. Every negotiator brings her experiences and backgrounds to the table. Internal conflicts–those arising from the struggle to reconcile discordant self-identities or competing notions of who one is, wants to be, or is expected to become–are rarely examined by negotiation scholars. The lack of scholarly focus on these internal negotiations is surprising given how frequently they are the cause of and fuel for external conflict with others in the wider world. In choosing to focus on The Negotiation Within, we hope to spur discussion, debate, and hopefully a new line of research and inquiry in this important but under-examined domain”

Additional information can be found here: http://www.hnlr.org/?page_id=540

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