Carri Hulet

Affiliated Faculty, Negotiation and Dispute Resolution Seminar, Program on Negotiation

Senior Mediator, Consensus Building Institute

Carri Hulet is a senior mediator at Consensus Building Institute (CBI)—a not-for-profit organization dedicated to brokering agreements and building collaboration in complex, high-stakes environments. She leads CBI’s Women and Consensus Building Initiative and facilitates diverse groups working on public issues including climate change, water quality, energy, transportation, and smart growth. In addition to training many companies, nonprofit organizations, and government entities, she also teaches business professionals at the Program on Negotiation.

Her recent work has focused on the impact of changing climate on coastal towns and industries, and she also has a particular interest in the intersection of negotiation and gender. Prior to working at CBI, Hulet worked in the Massachusetts Office of Public Collaboration and at The Langdon Group in Salt Lake City.


B.A., Tufts University

M.C.P., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Research Interests

Negotiation, mediation, intersection of negotiation and gender

Selected publications


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