Robert Mnookin Joins Panel to Discuss the Fiscal Cliff Negotiations on NPR’s Forum

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Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School Chair Robert Mnookin was recently invited to a panel discussion on San Francisco radio station KQED’s ‘Forum’ to discuss the fiscal cliff negotiations.

Mnookin was joined by David Wessel, economics editor for The Wall Street Journal and author of Red Ink: Inside the High-Stakes Politics of the Federal Budget, Heidi Przybla, congressional reporter for Bloomberg News, and Jerry Nickelsburg, adjunct professor of economics at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management.

Host Joshua Johnson asked the panel what the fiscal cliff negotiations in the House and Senate could teach us about the art of negotiation and what to expect from future negotiations between Republicans and Democrats.

When asked his opinion of the whole process thus far, Professor Mnookin replied: “I think we have just observed several weeks of some very hard bargaining. … I think what is most striking is that the negotiations are certainly going to continue.”

To hear the panel’s analysis of the negotiations, please click below to play the embedded audio file.

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