Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service

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Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service (FMCS)

2100 K Street, NW
Washington, DC 20427
Tel: (202) 606-8100
Fax: (202) 606-4251

Contact: Dan Ellerman, Human Resources Director, FMCS National Office
(202) 606-5460

For over 60 years, the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS) have delivered neutral and confidential conflict resolution assistance to the nation’s unionized workplaces. The FMCS was created by Congress as an independent federal agency by the Taft-Hartley Labor-Management Relations Act of 1947. Our staff of highly-trained, professional mediators provides conflict resolution services to the nation’s employers and their unionized employees. The core mission of FMCS is to help employers and unions avoid costly work stoppages and minimize their potentially devastating effects on regional and national commerce. Our goal is to prevent or minimize interruptions to the free flow of commerce that grow out of labor disputes and to improve labor-management relations. The central activity of the Agency is collective bargaining mediation, a voluntary process in which mediators serve as third-party neutrals to facilitate the settlement of issues in the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements. In FY 2008, FMCS mediators were actively involved in over 4,800 collective bargaining contract negotiations in every major industry throughout the United States.

As a Federal Mediator (trainee), you will be called upon to learn and provide all the mediation services described above. Further, you’ll become an important component of the country’s best-trained staff of mediators and conflict resolution professionals. This is a premium employment opportunity available to a select few who are interested in a long-term career in the field of labor-management conflict resolution.

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