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R. Lisle Baker

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R. Lisle Baker has been a law professor at Suffolk University Law School since 1973, where he has taught property, land use and zoning, environmental law, mediation, and law practice management. Prior to joining the Suffolk faculty, he practiced with the Boston law firm of Hill & Barlow, except for a leave of absence to … Read R. Lisle Baker

Mediation Seminar

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Mediation Seminar

FALL 2013

R. Lisle Baker

Mediation is becoming an increasingly important vehicle for resolving disputes that might otherwise go to court, or if in court, to trial. While the framework of litigation is well established, mediations often are shaped by both the nature of the dispute the nature of the disputants and the … Read Mediation Seminar

Using Insights from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator as an Aid to Mediation with Some Comparisons Between a Sample of Lawyers, Judges, and Mediators

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R. Lisle Baker

Professor R. Lisle Baker has been using a psychological instrument known as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, based in part on some of the theories of Carl Jung, as a vehicle for helping the students in his mediation seminar gain greater awareness of how they prefer to get information and make decisions. Over