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Current projects have built from work on gender. Individuals caught in double binds around gender issues find that using negotiation skills opens up space for them to be more effective and to have their work recognized as such. Organizational change agents find that negotiation helps them deal with resistance to change in the workplace. Deborah Kolb and her colleagues are building alliances across differences through the Center for Gender in Organizations (CGO).

In November, 2007, the Negotiations in the Workplace co-sponsored a conference entitled, Gender and Negotiation, with The Women in Public Policy Program in the Kennedy School (Harvard), the Harvard Business School, and the Center for Gender in Organizations at the Simmons School of Management. The conference was organized by project Co-Director Deborah Kolb and Professor Kathleen McGinn and examined both current research on gender and negotiation as well as gender within negotiation contexts. Presenters included Danna Greenberg (Babson), Judy Clair (Boston College), Jamie Ladge (Northeastern), Linda Putnam (UC Santa Barbara), Jamie Bohnantin (Texas A&M), Louise Marie Roth (University of Arizona), Karen Golden Biddle (Boston University), Maureen Scully (University of Massachusetts at Boston), and Susan Strum (Columbia Law School).

Negotiating Labor Agreements
Negotiating Labor Agreements Executive Education seminar co-chairs Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld, Robert B. McKersie, and Nancy Peace recently conducted a preliminary self-assessment study of past participants, assessing the effectiveness of the training in subsequent negotiations, and developed and posted the “beta” version of an interactive website for past seminar participants.

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