Gary J. Friedman

Mediator, Mediation Law Offices

Co-Founder, The Center for Understanding in Conflict

Since 1976, Gary Friedman has been practicing law as a mediator with Mediation Law Offices, and since 1980, he has been teaching mediation through the Center for Understanding in Conflict, which he co-founded. In partnership with his colleague, Jack Himmelstein, he developed a new model of mediation—the Understanding-Based Model—that is now practiced extensively in the United States and Europe. As one of the first lawyer mediators and a primary force in the current mediation movement, he has used this model to complete over one thousand mediations in the last two decades, including numerous two-party and multiparty disputes in the commercial and nonprofit realms, in the areas of intellectual property, real estate, corporate, personnel, partnership formations and dissolutions, and family law.

In addition to training lawyers, law professors, and judges through the Center for Understanding in Conflict, he has also taught courses in negotiation and mediation at Stanford University Law School, the New College of Law, Harvard Law School’s Program on Negotiation, and the World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva. A prolific writer, Friedman has published three books on mediation.


B.A., Brown University

J.D., Boston University School of Law

Research interests

Mediation, conflict resolution, self-awareness, law, negotiation

Selected publications

  • A Guide to Divorce Mediation. Workman Publishing, 1993.
  • With Jack Himmelstein. Challenging Conflict: Mediation through Understanding. ABA Publishing and Harvard’s Program on Negotiation, 2008.
  • Inside Out: How Conflict Professionals Can Use Self-Reflection to Help Their Clients. ABA Publishing and Harvard’s Program on Negotiation, 2014.



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    Good Afetenoon , im interested if Dr. Gary J. Friedman has a oportunity to come to Baja California and expose some Mediation method.

  • Tatyana (.

    Dear Mr. Gary Friedman,

    Let me introduce myself, my name is Tatyana Bilyk, I have been practicing and teaching mediators in Ukraine for over ten years. I am the founder of the Mediation School (Kiev, Ukraine) and I am a contact of International Social Services in Ukraine.

    My colleagues and me are planning to organize the Online Mediation Conference in April 2021 for mediators from Ukraine and the CIS countries with simultaneous translation, and we invite the world experts to share their knowledge for the development of our community of mediators.

    The format of the online conference will be as follows: from April 6-10, 2021, we invite 10 international professional mediators with many years of experience to conduct a lecture for 1.5 hours and 30 minutes after the lecture to answer the mediators’ questions.

    We would be very grateful if you could participate in the conference and share your experience and knowledge with us. Your book “Challenging Conflict: Mediation through understanding” made a tremendous impact on the practice of many mediators in our country, for me personally, your understanding approach helps me make the mediation process more efficient working with partners at a general meeting with marital partners in divorce.

    Could you take part in this online conference? And if it is possible, then on what conditions could you do it for us?

    Thanks in advance for your reply!

    Best regards,


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