Negotiation Training

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Claim your FREE copy of Negotiation Training: How Harvard Negotiation Exercises, Negotiation Cases and Good Negotiation Coaching Can Make You a Better Negotiator, a free report from the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School. … Read More 

Dialogue and Mediation Skills

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Dialogue and Mediation Skills (HS 240)


Theodore Johnson


Open only to students enrolled in the MA program in coexistence and conflict. Other students considered with permission of the instructor. May not be taken for credit by students who took COEX 240a in prior years.Addresses the theoretical and practical approaches to mediation and facilitation skills for people and … Read More 

Intercultural Communications

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Inter-Cultural Communications (HS-250)

FALL 2013

Theodore Johnson

This course engages students to honor and share their own culture while developing a capacity to: be inclusive of many other cultures, progress from an ethnocentric toward an ethno-relative state of understanding and acceptance of cultural differences; view cultural differences objectively and understand that differences are not hierarchical; identify and appreciate … Read More 

Negotiating the Path of Abraham

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A recent Harvard Business School Working Paper, co-authored by Harvard Negotiation Program Chair James Sebenius, Abraham’s Path Initiative Managing Director Joshua Weiss, and Harvard Medical School Associate Professor Kimberlyn Leary, analyzes the Abraham Path Initiative from its intellectual conception in 2004 through its implementation and provides useful commentary on the initiative’s broader effects on … Read More 

Why “thinking” trumps “blinking”

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Adapted from “In Negotiation, Think Before You ‘Blink’,” by Max H. Bazerman (professor, Harvard Business School), first published in the Negotiation newsletter, October 2006.

Most experienced negotiators trust their instincts. They believe they can identify a good business opportunity within five minutes. They think they can quickly assess whether a salesperson is honest. And if … Read More 

Tempering Your Temper

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Adapted from “The Downside of Anger,” first published in the Negotiation newsletter.

According to conventional wisdom, responding angrily to another negotiator’s offer sometimes helps you get more of what you want.

This notion is confirmed by some recent studies. In 2004, for example, professor Gerben A. van Kleef of the University of Amsterdam and his colleagues … Read More 

How Should You Decide?

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Adapted from “Three Keys to Navigating Multiparty Negotiation,” by Elizabeth A. Mannix (professor, Cornell University), first published in the Negotiation newsletter.

Multiparty negotiations—in which more than two people are bargaining on behalf of themselves or others—create many opportunities to generate value. As the number of people at the table increases, so does the potential to make … Read More 

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