Harvard Negotiation Research Project

HNRP seeks to strengthen the theoretical research and empirical knowledge of negotiation and dispute resolution. In addition, it strives to help scholars develop the tools that translate theory into practical processes for parties engaged in conflict. Recent projects have focused on the limits of negotiation, the challenges of making wise decisions when encountering resistance, and ethnic conflict in divided societies.

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Announcing the Third Annual Dispute Resolution Works-in-Progress Workshop

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The Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School will host the Third Annual Dispute Resolution Works-in-Progress Workshop.
The workshop will be held in Cambridge on Friday, November 13th and Saturday, November 14th until 1:00PM.
For this year’s workshop the Steering Committee includes Andrea Schneider, and Art Hinshaw, each of whom hosted an earlier workshop.
Needless to say, we … Learn More About This Program

Bargaining with the Devil and other Ongoing Research

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Ongoing research includes the following: Bargaining with the Devil, Negotiating Ethnic Conflict and the Israeli Settlements Projects.

Bargaining with the Devil
Professor Mnookin is working on a new book project: Bargaining with the Devil: What to Do When the Stakes Are High and the Other Side Seems Evil.  By “devil” is meant an enemy who may have … Learn More About This Program

Negotiation Conference Examines West Bank and Gaza Settlements

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Opening Remarks
Dean Elena Kagan
Harvard Law School
Dean Richard Morgan
UNLV Boyd School of Law

Introduction to the Settlement Dilemma
Robert Mnookin

Panel 1
Religious and Ideological Dimensions

Panel 2
Political Dimensions

Panel 3
Psychological Dimensions

Panel 4
Legal Dimensions and Human Rights Issues

Panel 5
Compensation Schemes and Dispute Resolution Mechanisms

Panel 6
International Dimensions, The Role of Third Parties

Concluding Comments
Robert Mnookin

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Reported by the Harvard Law School News … Learn More About This Program

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