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Breanna Beaumont provides administrative and logistical support for PON Global, an innovative blended learning program that brings PON’s negotiation concepts, techniques, and curriculum to people around the world. Prior to coming to Harvard Law School, Breanna worked at Bard College where she assisted in managing the partnership between Bard College in New York and Al-Quds University in East Jerusalem. Before her role at Bard, Breanna worked at the Civilizations Exchange and Cooperation Foundation, where she coordinated executive education seminars for adult professionals, international student exchanges, study tours, and international conferences.

In addition to her program management experience, Breanna also has more than five years of experience working in non-profit development and most recently served as a Development Associate for the Roeliff Jansen Community Library in upstate New York.

Breanna holds a B.S. in Psychology and Economics from St. Lawrence University. Passionate about conflict resolution and international relations, she studied abroad in Northern Ireland, where she researched the impact of integrated education on building peace in a divided society.

In her spare time, Breanna enjoys reading, hiking, yoga, and aimlessly wandering through museums.

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