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Gail is responsible for marketing for all PON executive education seminars, newsletters, books and teaching materials. She is an experienced senior marketing and communications executive who has worked for companies and institutions in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. Early in her career at International Data Group (IDG) she was responsible for the launch and marketing for several high profile events including the Macworld Expo, and a variety of conferences and events for IT professionals. Gail’s career at IDG spans 16 years including her last assignment as Senior Vice President, Consumer Marketing at Computerworld.

After leaving IDG, Gail was the Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Blue Dolphin Group and was responsible for building a database of 7.7 million magazine buyers. At Blue Dolphin, Gail was involved in the development of what is now known as the Mequoda Marketing System. Blue Dolphin merged with Zinnio in 2005.

Gail was most recently responsible for program marketing and development at the Museum of Fine Arts. Her programs include all lectures and courses, studio arts classes, films and concerts. In addition, she is responsible for special event programming, branding and marketing to develop key constituencies and promote attendance at the Museum. Gail also oversees email marketing, social media, and program related advertising for the Museum.

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