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Abigayle is a Senior Global Programs Coordinator, working with teams abroad to organize courses for PON’s newest program, PON Global. PON Global is a blended learning initiative that combines high-production videos, on-site instruction, role-play exercises, and videoconferencing with professors here at Harvard. These courses are held in partnership with institutions abroad, and in alignment with PON’s mission, aim to make PON’s teaching and research more globally accessible. PON Global courses have now been hosted in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia; and include a growing cohort of partnerships and students from a wide variety of educational and professional backgrounds. www.pon.harvard.edu/global.

Abigayle transitioned to PON after beginning her early career in the language services industry. She has now held three different positions within PON, leading to her current role managing the PON Global program. Her extensive experience in customer service, after almost 15 years of part-time restaurant experience, has been a benefit in her work on executive education programs. She received her B.A. from McGill University with a focus in Middle Eastern Studies, and double minors in Advanced East Asian Languages and Hispanic Literature. Recently, she completed her ALM degree with honors in International Relations from the Harvard University School of Extension. Her thesis research focused on similarities that can be drawn globally for endangered and dying languages, and with cases here in New England. This degree was completed in tandem with her work at PON, as well as various positions bartending in her neighborhood of Jamaica Plain.

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