Student Interest Group Fireside Chat with Prof. Robert Mnookin

Event Date: Tuesday March 4, 2008
Time: 4:00 - 6:00 P.M.
Location: Pound Hall 513, Harvard Law School

Robert Mnookin
Williston Professor of Law, HLS Faculty Chair, PON

Please join Professor Robert Mnookin as he talks about his career path, shares his research interests, and offers advice to students interested in working in the field of negotiation and conflict resolution.

A leading expert in the field of conflict resolution, Williston Professor of Law Robert H. Mnookin has applied his interdisciplinary approach to negotiation and conflict resolution to a remarkable range of problems, both public and private. An experienced mediator, Prof. Mnookin has successfully mediated many complex commercial disputes which involved advanced technologies and intellectual property. He has written or edited nine books and numerous scholarly articles. A renowned teacher and lecturer, Prof. Robert Mnookin has taught numerous workshops for corporations, governmental agencies and law firms throughout the world and trained many executives and professionals in negotiation and mediation skills. He is also the Director of the Harvard Negotiation Research Project and Faculty Chair of the Program on Negotiation.

The PON Fireside Chats provide a venue where PON faculty share their experiences of entering and working in the field of negotiation and conflict resolution, share findings from their current research, and encourage students to think innovatively about the field.


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