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Negotiation training refers to the range of activities and exercises you can undertake in order to improve or sharpen your negotiation skills. Featuring articles discussing the latest role-play simulations and field research, negotiation training will also publish articles on effective negotiation training for you and your organization as well as the research work of pioneers in the field of negotiation.

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For Better Negotiation Training, Study the U.S. Government’s Mistakes

Katie Shonk   •  03/15/2018   •  Filed in Negotiation Training

negotiation training

Business professionals seeking to improve their negotiation training can learn a great deal from the mistakes made in newsworthy negotiations.

To take one recent example, Steven M. Davidoff of the New York Times’ “DealBook” recently analyzed how the U.S. governments rushed negotiations to save U.S. automaker Chrysler led to a costly long-term problem. … Learn More About This Program

Negotiation Training: Turning the Lows of Colorado’s Marijuana Laws into Highs

Katie Shonk   •  03/01/2018   •  Filed in Negotiation Training

marijuana laws

In negotiation courses, trainees learn effective management strategies for their negotiations and how to find new negotiation opportunities at the bargaining table. Using an example from the city of Denver, Ben Markus reports for NPR’s Weekend Edition that Colorado’s recent legalization of marijuana has posed challenges to local jurisdictions in enforcing current federal law which … Learn More About This Program

Dear Negotiation Coach: Taking the Shame Out of Networking

PON Staff   •  12/09/2015   •  Filed in Negotiation Training


I manage a team of consultants who engage in negotiations. We often discuss the importance of networking to create new negotiating opportunities, but I rarely see them following through. Any advice on how to help them overcome their reluctance to network?


The reticence you’ve encountered when trying to sell your team members on the benefits of … Learn More About This Program

PON Faculty Member Jeswald Salacuse Cited in Majority and Minority Opinions in the US Supreme Court’s BG Group v. Republic of Argentina

PON Staff   •  06/17/2015   •  Filed in Negotiation Training

The US Supreme Court’s decision in BG Group v. Republic of Argentina relied upon insights from PON faculty member Jeswald Salacuse’s The Law of Investment Treaties.

Writing for the majority, Associate Justice Stephen Breyer, and writing for the minority, Chief Justice John Roberts, both cite the first edition of the foundational work by Jeswald Salacuse … Learn More About This Program

Negotiation Research You Can Use: Men, Women, and Violations of Trust

PON Staff   •  02/12/2015   •  Filed in Negotiation Training

In negotiation, there is almost nothing more upsetting than finding out that a counterpart betrayed your trust. In a new experiment, Michael P. Haselhuhn of the University of California, Riverside and his colleagues looked at whether there is a gender difference in people’s willingness to trust others following a violation of their trust. … Learn More About This Program

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