Negotiation Pedagogy Video Series, Part I


Professor Michael Wheeler

An unscripted video showing an experienced negotiation professor teaching a complete class session through role simulation debrief, video, and discussion, interspersed with instructor commentary


The first in the Program on Negotiation's new Negotiation Pedagogy Video Series, this video is unscripted and unrehearsed. It shows Harvard Business School Professor Michael Wheeler teaching an actual negotiation class in April 2003, interspersed with excerpts from an after-class interview with Professor Wheeler about his teaching approach.

Prior to the class meeting filmed for this video, the students had negotiated the role simulation Discount Marketplace and Hawkins Development, and had e-mailed their results to Professor Wheeler. Professor Wheeler opens the class with a discussion around the students' experience negotiating the Discount Marketplace role simulation. The students offer a variety of responses to questions such as whether they found it easier or harder to negotiate over words (in this case, the terms of a commercial lease) rather than numbers, and how they attempted to create value for both parties in light of their differing interests.

Professor Wheeler then shows portions of the Negotiation of a Commercial Lease videotape, in which two different pairs of real estate professionals negotiate the Discount Marketplace role simulation. He re-focuses the discussion on the performance of the videotaped negotiators, particularly around their impact of their micro-moves during the first few minutes of the negotiations. The students engage in a lively debate over the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of various moves displayed in the videotapes.


This video may be used in a number of ways, including:

  • As a self-study tool for negotiation educators, students, or practitioners regarding the negotiation lessons that Professor Wheeler elicits from his class;
  • As a self-study tool for educators regarding negotiation pedagogy, including techniques for using and debriefing role simulations, techniques for guiding and facilitating student discussion, and techniques for integrating video into negotiation courses; or
  • As a demonstrative tool for negotiation pedagogy workshops, "train-the-trainer" sessions, or other group learning settings designed to help negotiation educators improve their teaching skills.


This video package includes four pages of production notes and a review copy of the Discount Marketplace simulation discussed in Professor Wheeler's class. The Negotiation of a Commercial Lease videotape is available separately from the Clearinghouse.

The Program on Negotiation is offering this video (and others in its Pedagogy Video Series) at a very low price for its length and quality in order to encourage circulation among the academic community.

Negotiation Pedagogy Video Series, Part I Attributes

Time required: 1 - 2 hours
Teaching notes available: No,
Run Time: 1 hour, 51 minutes
Produced by: